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photo : Kenji Kagawa

New collection “porcelain for boro cookie & hōjicha” from Arita-yaki brand “mg&gk” will be out on Wednesday, 4 September. You can see the collection as well as the first collection “porcelain for financier & tea” in person at Dai-Nippon-ichi exhibition in Tokyo from Wednesday, 4 September for three days.

New collection release of KORAI : Milan Design Week 2019

A very first installation of KORAI in Europe, “Sense of Nature” will be held from Monday, 8 April.
"KORAI" is a Japanese craft brand that Shizuka Tatsuno Studio participates in concept making and product design.
The exhibition will be held at an authentic gallery called "Galleria Seno" in the centre of the iconic Brera district.
We will showcase all the KORAI items, including our new piece “Ren” and iconic senseware, Hydrangea - Water vessel.

A new brand by Arita-ware Keizan pottery “mg&gk (mogu-to-goku)” was launched on 6 February 2019 which coincides with "Dai-Nippon-Ichi" in Tokyo on 13 - 15 February 2019.

シンガポールデザインウィークの展示「Nature and Living」で工芸の新ブランド「KORAI / コライ」(produced by HULS Inc.) を発表いたしました

KORAI – a new kogei brand created by HULS was launched on 8 March 2018 which coincides with "Nature and Living" in Singapore Design Week on 5- 18 March 2018.

TETETE Mihon-ichi 2016

“hiiro” will be showcased at TETETE Mihon-ichi 2016