A new brand by Arita-ware Keizan pottery “mg&gk (mogu-to-goku)” was launched on 6 February 2019 which coincides with "Dai-Nippon-Ichi" in Tokyo on 13 - 15 February 2019.

It is my absolutely pleasure to be appointed as a project collaborator of LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2019 with leading architect Mr. Kengo Kuma, designer Mr. Kunihiko Morinaga and designer Ms. Tamae Hirokawa.

“Shiko-Shiten ” Exhibition at The shop at JAPAN HOUSE LONDON

Our new item "984 (ku-sha)" is available for sale at “Shiko-Shiten ” Exhibition at JAPAN HOUSE LONDON from January 14th for 3 months (TBA) .

Master Recipe Kyoto Gion shop

1123日(金)オープンのMaster Recipe京都祇園店にて、DAIKURAさんと製作した備前焼のウォーターカラフェ「hiiro」とカップ「hitoeのお取り扱いが始まりました。

Bizen-ware water carafe “hiiro” and cup “hitoe” are now available at the Master Recipe Kyoto Gion shop, opening on Friday, 23 November.


Recipient of the Good Design Award 2018.