Yuzen Clutch Bag

Kyo Yuzen bag is a clutch bag that is made using the Tegaki-Kyo-Yuzen technique that originated in Kyoto. Each product is designed with the concept of “Kimono for Everyday Life”. The art of the Tegaki-Kyo-Yuzen involves careful dyeing and hand painting by craftsmen over quality silk cloth to ensure a clean and radiant finish.

“This design work was aimed to apply hand-illustrated Kyo-Yuzen dying to products other than traditional Japanese clothing and accessories so I designed a Kyo-Yuzen clutch bag that can go well with the denim style. I was inspired by Zui-un (a pattern of clouds representing the sign of forthcoming happiness) of the Kichijo Monyo collection which is often used by maker Tomihiro senko. The Zui-un design looked very modern so I designed a simple bag.”

RITOFU (Japan)
Product Launch:
Planning & Art Direction
Product Design