Ouchi Couple

Having its roots in a love story during the warring states period of Japan, this Japanese lacquered traditional craft is widely cherished as the symbol of matrimonial happiness and as the “Ouchi FuFu”
Great gift for couples about to be married or for any celebration, this new custom-made series will be crafted by dedicated craftsmen while attaching physical resemblance to the persons receiving the gift. The colors, designs and faces are interchangeable from 100 variations each of male and female types.

“Ouchi-nuri Dolls are the dolls born in Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi, and they are made of lacquerware: the material rarely used for dolls even within Japan. The dolls are officially designated as the traditional craft product by the Japanese government. What is more surprising is the story of how the dolls were first made: It is the love story of a lord during the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States Period: c. 1467-1603) caring for the princess. Dolls come in various faces so people across generations can pick their favorite and remember this love story like their own.

The story of the Ouchi Doll origin
One of the Sengoku lords, Hiroyo Ouchi, married a beautiful woman from Kyoto, but the newlywed wife has been missing her home every day. So Mr. Ouchi gave her many dolls as a gift that made her really happy. This is how a pair of “Ouchi Dolls” was created and the doll is now widely loved as a symbol of a happy marriage.

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