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“Shiko-Shiten ” Exhibition at The shop at JAPAN HOUSE LONDON

Our new item "984 (ku-sha)" is available for sale at “Shiko-Shiten ” Exhibition at JAPAN HOUSE LONDON from January 14th for 3 months (TBA) .

Master Recipe Kyoto Gion shop

1123日(金)オープンのMaster Recipe京都祇園店にて、DAIKURAさんと製作した備前焼のウォーターカラフェ「hiiro」とカップ「hitoeのお取り扱いが始まりました。

Bizen-ware water carafe “hiiro” and cup “hitoe” are now available at the Master Recipe Kyoto Gion shop, opening on Friday, 23 November.


Recipient of the Good Design Award 2018.

Best Buyer’s Choice at Interior Lifestyle Exhibition 2018

Recipient of the Best Buyer’s Choice prize at Interior Lifestyle Exhibition 2018.

JDN - 株式会社 Shizuka Tatsuno Studio 求人情報

Tsugaru Bird Whistle will be showcased at BRICK & MORTAR from April 24 to May 6, 2018.

シンガポールデザインウィークの展示「Nature and Living」で工芸の新ブランド「KORAI / コライ」(produced by HULS Inc.) を発表いたしました。

KORAI – a new kogei brand created by HULS was launched on 8 March 2018 which coincides with "Nature and Living" in Singapore Design Week on 5- 18 March 2018.

It would be my honor to inform you that I have set up a company, Shizuka Tatsuno Studio Inc. on December 27th. Thank you so much for your great support in past years, I will appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement!

spiral take art collection 2017 "Shu-Shu-Shu-Show"

Special edition Tsugaru Bird Whistle will be showcased at spiral take art collection 2017 "Shu-Shu-Shu-Show" from December 15 to 25, 2017.