2月5日(水)から3日間、天王洲のB&C Hallで開催される合同展示会「大日本市」で有田焼の窯元・渓山窯の新ブランド「mg&gk (もぐとごく)」より新作「バケットとスープの器」を発表します。詳細はコチラ

New collection“porcelain for baguette & soup”  from Arita-yaki brand “mg&gk” will be out on Wednesday, 5 February. You can see as well as the first collection “porcelain for financier & tea” and the second collection “porcelain for boro cookie & hōjicha” in person at Dai-Nippon-ichi exhibition in Tokyo from Wednesday, 5 February for three days.