The new HAQUA mie line is a gorgeously colorful range of designs within the HAQUA brand. These accessories are notably easy to apply as a film-like foil sticker on bare skin using only water, and they feel light and comfortable when applied.

You can wear the cheerful and natural designs of HAQUA mie to casually add a touch of elegance to your everyday activities, such as when doing yoga, camping and gardening. The six-color palette includes blue, pink, yellow and other shades of foil with a sophisticated sparkle that will make you smile.

HAQUA accessories are fun to wear, and easy to apply directly on your skin using only water. Just cut the HAQUA strip to your desired length and style it into a bracelet, ring, anklet, or anything you want. These accessories won’t easily rub off in water – you can enjoy wearing them for three to five days (they can also be easily removed anytime, using a gentle solution containing alcohol or baby oil). Wear HAQUA accessories, and add a touch of color and class to your everyday!

“The HAQUA mie line has been designed with the concept of “Time for you, Time to be you.” We want women to wear HAQUA accessories when they are enjoying some “me time” for themselves, and can be their authentic self. The foil colors were inspired by the rich natural surroundings of the HAQUA studio in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture. We combined our knowledge of colors and materials, and color-creation techniques cultivated over many years, to elegantly express the complex and intricate interplay of various shades of foil. ”

Washin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan)
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