sou is a small-sized blown glassworks hand made in Toyama. Sou glassware is designed to create a seamless gradation of colour between layers. The properly adjusted height and depth of each glass makes it suitable for kitchen use such as a cooking aid or as a table piece to the dining table. In addition, the sou glass can also be used as a container of accessories.

“This is glassware that I created together with the makers at Toyama Glass Workshop organized by Toyama General Design Center where I was invited to participate in the Toyama Design Wave glassware workshop for professionals. It was extremely difficult to create the color that I wanted and I ended up creating about 100 samples. ”

Toyama Design Center (Japan)
*As part of Toyama Design Wave workshop
Shun Kumagai, Takeyoshi Mitsui
Product Launch:
Planning & Art Direction
Product Design
Package Design
Graphic Design
Fumio Ando