Tsugaru Bird Whistle

This is a bird whistle made of Japanese pottery called Tsugaru-yaki. The whistle makes a coo sound.
This lovely bird whistle is a new innovation combining two traditional techniques in Hirosaki, Aomori: Tsugaru-yaki and Shitakawara-yaki (best known for bird whistles). The pattern on the wings is the typical Tsugaru-yaki pattern and is inspired by the sea cucumber skin.

“The project took place in Hirosaki, Aomori. I proposed this idea of making a bird whistle hoping to develop a new technique by combining the techniques of bird whistle making and Tsugaru-yaki both of which have long histories in Hirosaki. The project began as two workshops met with each other for the first time. The product finally came out after a number of challenges including the development of new clay and the selection of glaze.”

Hirosaki City
Masashi Abo
Haruhisa Oyama
Gaku Sato
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