Iro ・Jikan (Color /Time)

“Kyo-Yuzen’s Color / Time.” The craftsmen of hand-illustrated Kyo-Yuzen (Kyoto’s traditional dying) select and create colors for each brush stroke on the fabric. The fabric wrapped around the Iro / Jikan boxes is the actual fabric that these craftsmen used to test and choose colors like a palette; It reflects the time they took to select colors. It is truly amazing to see such subtle gradation of colors.
Each pattern and each color are unique; therefore, by stacking the boxes, you can create a new color gradation and use them as interior objects. The boxes can be used to store business cards or accessories.


“This box design began with a casual request: “Everyone loves this fabric that craftsmen use as a palette to test colors. Can you make something out of this?” You can see the different brushworks and the result of the delicate process in color considerations in the product design. The design also lets you imagine the time spent and the thoughts that went into the process that created the beautiful layers.”

RITOFU (Japan)
Product Launch:
Planning & Art Direction
Product Design
Fumio Ando (products)