Cloudy / Mist / Rain / Blue Moment

A stainless steel stool designed to encapsulate the natural atmosphere, such as fog and rain. While stainless steel generally has an inorganic and cold impression, I created a soft impression expression reminiscent of nature through the beautiful color and textures. It has a delicate and deep gradation texture using mirror surface, etching, vibration, and hairline polishing by Nippon Steel Stainless Art.

This piece was exhibited at the "MATERIAL DESIGN EXHIBITION 2019," organized by Material ConneXion Tokyo and Nippon Steel Stainless Art. It is a new expression of stainless steel using "stainless steel decoration technology." It aims to expand the imagination of the viewer.

“The stool evolved into a box shape to utilize the final finishing touches beautifully handcrafted to connect patterns on each side so that the viewer can enjoy the expression of the material from all angles. The Finegaurd F3 treatment is applied even though the material is water resistant, and it becomes fingerprint free on all sides, with the exception of the mirror finish surfaces. The user can then place their hands on it as desired upon sitting down.
This exclusive method creates refined surface texture and colors with blemish free features that can be used in various future products.”

NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Art Corporation
Product Design
Aya Kawachi
Kenji Kagawa