“co-mu” is a new curry plate from “zen to”, an original brand of the Hasami-yaki ceramic ware manufacturer Nakazen. co-mu is now available at the “zen to” online shop, and in stores from Monday July 12.
I hope everyone will soon start using this “must have” curry plate I have designed, so we can enjoy eating curry together!
The “co-mu” curry plate was created with an emphasis on how curry has gone beyond being just another type of food, to become a means of communication that connects people. This slightly smaller-size plate is easy for women to also carry with one hand, and is the perfect size for small portions of various kinds of curry. Another nifty design feature is the flattened rim, which makes it easy to scoop up curry into plate. This versatile curry plate can be used for meals outdoors, home parties, daily use and even for a restaurant buffet. The plate’s oval shape brings to mind curry and a sense of nostalgia associated with this comfort-food.
Material: Porcelain
Size: W180×D140×H45mm
Photos: Shuhei Nomachi

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