mg&gk – porcelain for financier & tea

mg&gk is an Arita-yaki brand that celebrates little joy of mogumogu (munching) and gokugoku (drinking).
“porcelain for financier and tea” is specially made for you to have precious relaxing time and enjoy small sweets with a big cup of tea. Products are hand-painted one by one with special care.

Paintings are based on Kissho monyo, or Japanese traditional auspicious motifs, such as nami (wave), shippo (seven treasures), and asanoha (hemp leaves). You can enjoy individually hand-painted motifs that have soft and lively nuance.

七宝 shippo

波 nami

麻の葉 asanoha

縞 shima

“The motif of mg&gk is painted with the blue pigment called gosu, which is most often used in Arita-yaki. We take great care of each brush stroke using light shades that bring liveliness of the pattern, create soft impressions, and go well with any kind of food. This requires a complex shades adjustment technique that only veteran craftsmen can handle. They apply each brush stroke imagining our customers who use our products in their relaxing moments.”


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Planning & Creative Direction
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Hideki Mizuta / Masaki Ogawa
Hitomi Ito
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Maki Shimano
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