A series of small glassware. By stacking these glassware containers, you can enjoy traditional Japanese patterns that come up from the pile. This innovative style of “nect” was not seen in Edo Kiriko, a traditional craft, to date.
“nect” glassware lineups are my proposal for a new application to today’s diversifying food culture, for a buffet table set-up, a hors-d’oeuvre container and other variety of purposes. ”nect” comes with two patterns, Shippo and chrysanthemum, and with four colors, clear, yellow, gray and pink . Small-sized cubic shaped (approx. 2inc×2inc) glassware gorgeously decorate table set-ups. This is produced by Kimoto Glass Tokyo.

“This design started with a thought, “It would be nice to use Edo Kiriko (cut glass) items when hosting some guests who visit Tokyo.” So I designed a set of small dishes that can be used at parties. Each cut is done by craftsmen by hand and is adjusted to create traditional Edo design when the dishes are stacked together.”

Kimoto Glass Tokyo (Japan)
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Shinji Yagi
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